I received extensive training and internship by the famous Rabbi Aron D. Miller ob”m and furthered my career to implement advanced medical techniques to provide a safe, kosher and traditional procedure. The secret to Jewish continuity lies in the Bris Milah, which strengthens one’s commitment to G-d. Once this is achieved, the communal commitment will emerge on its own. In his covenant of circumcision, Our forefather Abraham vowed to teach his descendants to serve G-d with perfect devotion. This is the essence of Bris Milah — it represents the individual’s commitment to G-d. One’s communal identification with Judaism is indeed a positive thing. But the mitzvah of Brit Milah teaches us that unless there is also a personal commitment, it will not endure. May we all merit to bring our children into the Covenant of Abraham and see their Jewish identity flourish and grow.

I consider it a great honor and privilege to be the mohel of your newborn baby boy. Although for the most part the Bris Mila is performed traditionally, incorporating advanced modern-day medicine and technology allows a quick healing process for the baby and a pleasant experience for parents. You can contact me if you wish to discuss the arrangement and schedule the Bris Mila for your newborn baby boy, which is traditionally performed on the eighth day.